I get interviewed times three at Three Writers of Romance

Hello readers, and Happy Friday once again! Today it's our pleasure to bring you the inside scoop on author Terri L. Austin and her latest writing endeavors. Please welcome Terri!

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My guest post on Romance University

My favorite part of writing is creating characters that take on a life of their own. My secondary characters, even tertiary ones, are vital to making a story come alive. But how can you take your characters and give them extra zing?

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My guest post on dru's book musings

My name is Rose Strickland, Rosalyn to my parents. But I’ll answer to Miss, Waitress, or Hey You I Need More Coffee. After I kissed my overbearing parents’ wealth and status goodbye, I realized I had very few skills other than shopping, texting, and the ability to spot a Gucci knock off at ten paces. But Ma, owner and proprietor of Ma’s Diner, was kind enough to give me a job. When she hired me, I didn’t know how to turn on a coffee pot, let alone wait tables. Now, five years later, I sling hash like a pro along side my bestie, Roxy Block.

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Sophie Sansregret interviews Terri. Check out Sophie's podcast, Sophie Says, by clicking on Roxy right now to hear this fun interview:

Sophie Says Podcast

Check out Sophie's interview and her review of LAST DINER STANDING:

Sophie's Review

My guest post on Wendy Ely's blog

I started writing when my kids were very young—both to escape mountains of laundry, but also to keep my sanity. After all, there’s only so much Barney a person can take and remain unmedicated. But there was one problem. There were too many voices in my head. And I don’t mean my characters’ voices, because that’s a good thing. No, I heard my mother’s voice—I knew she’d disapprove of anything above a G rating, my pastor’s voice—he’d question my saggy morals, and even—gasp—what if my kids someday saw that Mommy wrote all kinds of naughty words and shook their little heads in disappointment? I was my own worst enemy and I censored myself constantly.

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